Tyrese’s Ex-Wife Hits Him With A Cease And Desist


Tyrese says he contemplated suicide after losing his wife and daughter.

A couple of days ago, Tyrese threw shots at his ex-wife, Samantha Lee. After being married for four years, the two called it quits and filed for divorce in 2020. Their split has been everything but pleasant, as the singer has made many posts on social media about the state of their former relationship.

The 43-year-old accused Samantha of committing perjury, saying, “15 blatant lies under penalty of perjury. Drug my name and reputation in the mud. And drug an unexpected divorce into 2 years.” 

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Now, just two days after he made posts that he vowed never to take down, Tyrese has been issued a cease and desist. While these legal documents are meant to stop wrongdoers from misconduct, Tyrese has continued to talk about their divorce process online. He wrote, “I just got a [CEASE] and DESIST LETTER FROM SAMANTHA’S attorney… I guess I got another GAG ORDER,” under a video of him explaining the situation.

In the one-and-a-half-minute clip, the father of two touched on several topics. He ranted about Samantha allegedly telling lies, wanting to reap the benefits of his success, and dating someone “very famous.” The entertainer also revealed that he questioned his need to live at one point. “If my life was my wife and my family, and I don’t have that anymore, what am I still here for?”

Being that he’s been trolled for posting this type of content before, Tyrese got ahead of his haters in the caption. He added, “Let me get this out early for the trolls… He online crying again. Ain’t nobody about to sit through this long a** rant. Who can type out the highlight?”

Check out the entire video below.

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