Tyrese Accused Of Using Kim Kardashian’s Name For Clickbait


He wrote over a video, “Telling people for the first time about when I lived with Kim Kardashian and contemplated suicide.”

We’re edging closer to the Fall and thus far, 2022 has been a wild ride. The number of social media flare-ups and revelations have made this year seem longer than it has been, and at the moment, we’re in the thick of Ray J‘s attack on the Kardashian-Jenners. For years, both Ray and Kim Kardashian have been the punchline of jokes related to their infamous sex tape, and throughout, Kardashian has been painted to be an innocent victim by her family.

However, Ray J has insisted that he wanted to put the entire ordeal in the past because he has grown as a man. Things were revisited when Kanye West reportedly contact Ray to retrieve additional tapes and messages, but recently, Kris Jenner took a polygraph test on a late-night talk show and it was determined by the examiner that she was telling the truth when she denied involvement in the tape’s release.

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This caused a passionate reaction from Ray J who posted screenshots, videos, and contracts, as well as spilled all private information in order to clear his name. Additionally, Tyrese has come forward with a story of his own, and on Instagram, he shared a video of himself detailing his interaction with Kardashian.

Over the clip, he wrote, “Telling people for the first time about when I lived with Kim Kardashian and contemplated suicide.” In the video, Tyrese admitted that he does “stupid sh*t” for the world to see, but despite that, the public knows that he’s “honest.” 

However, his message didn’t seem to be focused on Kim directly, but many of the examples and hypotheticals spewed in his post have been interpreted as being roundabout ways of speaking about the reality star. Others suggested that he was detailing experiences with his ex-wife and wanted people to pay attention, so he used Kardashian’s name.

Check it out below.

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