Tee Grizzley Speaks Out After Home Burglary


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Tee Grizzley says that rappers need to be careful of what “we’re speaking into existence” after his house was burglarized.

Tee Grizzley shared a video on Instagram, Saturday night, addressing the news that his Los Angeles home was burglarized two weeks ago. Looters reportedly smashed a window and stole over $1 million in jewelry as well as a heap of cash.

News of the burglary comes following the death of PnB Rock, who was shot and killed in Los Angeles during a robbery attempt. In his post, Grizzley makes reference to PnB Rock, as well as King Von, who was killed in 2020.

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“I appreciate everybody reaching out. I’m good, my family good, thank God,” Grizzley said in the clip. “I need yall to do one thing for me, send a prayer up for PnB Rock and his kids. King Von, his kids, and all the kids out here have to grow up without their pops. I had to go through that. I grew up without my pops. He was killed, and it ain’t easy at all,”

He continued: “We got to watch what we’re speaking into existence. I know we look at it like we’re just making music, and it’s art, but these words are powerful, bro. Just like we speak some good s**t into existence, we can speak some bad s**t into existence. So we really gotta be careful what we’re saying about ourselves when we’re making this music.”

The break-in comes just months after the release of Grizzley’s Half Tee Half Beast, which included the single “Robbery Part 3.”

Police are currently conducting an investigation into the incident and are looking for suspects.

Check out Grizzley’s recent Instagram post below.


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