Stephen A. Smith Picks His Most Disappointing NFL Team


Many teams aren’t living up to expectations.

We are two weeks into the NFL season and many are already jumping to conclusions. The bad teams have already unveiled themselves as they are mostly 0-2. Meanwhile, the good teams are starting to separate themselves, with the Kansas City Chiefs looking like early title contenders.

There have also been disappointing teams. These are the clubs that people expected to make a leap this year but have ultimately been pretty terrible. Perhaps the most disappointing team would be the Cincinnati Bengals who are 0-2 after making it to the Super Bowl last year. In the eyes of Stephen A. Smith, however, fans should look towards the AFC West for the most disappointing franchise.

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On First Take today, Smith had some words for the Las Vegas Raiders. Derek Carr and the Raiders have simply not been very good. They were up by 23 points on the Arizona Cardinals yesterday and they still found a way to lose. It was a horrendous turn of events, and Smith let his feelings be known.

In the clip below, you can see Smith berating Carr for not taking a step this year. He also feels like while the Raiders could have easily been the worst team in the AFC West this year, they should at least still be better than what they are now. He feels like it is a bad sign all around, and it is disrespectful to the legacy of Al Davis.

These are incredibly strong words, and we’re surprised Smith didn’t just choose the Bengals. No matter what, it will only get harder for the Raiders from here on out.

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