Skip Bayless Goes After “NBA 2K” Over LeBron & KD Ratings


Skip Bayless had a lot to say about the recent “NBA 2K” ratings.

Skip Bayless is one of the most opinionated men on TV, and most of the time, his words get him into trouble with the Twitter crowd. Bayless has always been good at avoiding most of the drama on Twitter as he keeps to himself and doesn’t reply to anyone.

Bayless has one main target most of the time, and that man is LeBron James. In fact, Bayless typically compares LeBron to the likes of Kevin Durant, and after the recent “NBA 2K” ratings debacle, Skip was given plenty of fodder today.

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LeBron and KD have both been ranked 96 overall. KD believes he should be a 99, but most fans would have to disagree. Either way, Skip disagrees with both ratings, noting that LeBron should be a lot lower, especially given his free throw percentage. Once again, Skip offered a masterclass in hating.

“How is LeBron a 96? How are LeBron and KD ranked the same? This is a reputation ranking,” Skip wrote. “LeBron ranked 86th in the NBA in FT shooting, you’re disqualified. You’re 41 spots worse in 3-pt shooting and 83 spots worse in FT shooting compared to KD.”

Bayless doesn’t even play “2K” so this really won’t concern him that much. But alas, it was an opportunity to criticize LeBron, so he took it in stride.

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