Seemingly Drunk LSU Fan Strolls Onto Field Mid-Play Without Difficulty


An LSU fan is going viral for casually walking onto the field during a play on Saturday night.

An LSU fan, who appeared to be quite intoxicated, calmly wandered onto the field in the middle of a play during the Tigers’ game against Southern on Saturday night. Video of the incident quickly went viral on social media, as security took ample time to remove the fan from the field.

In the clip, the fan can be seen slowly strolling onto the field as play continues without any referees noticing him standing at the 10-yard line. Eventually, a break in plays ensues and two cops come over and talk to the man. After he seems to refuse to cooperate, the officers wrestle him to the ground and remove him from the field.

Chris Graythen / Getty Images

As the fan was being escorted out, he was cheered on by the crowd. It’s not unusual to see fans get onto the field during college football games, but to do so with such ease was an odd sight.

Luckily for the fan, he didn’t miss an interesting game, as his squad went on to win 65-17. The victory gave the school’s new head coach, Brian Kelly, his first win with the program. Kelly previously coached Notre Dame from 2010-2021. He’s also had tenures with Central Michigan, Cincinnati, and Grand Valley State.

Check out the viral video of a fan for LSU below.


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