Sauce Walka Responds To Lying Accusations After Recent Attempted Robbery


Sauce Walka has clarified the situation regarding a man who died during a recent robbery attempt.

Sauce Walka shared a video of himself on Instagram, Saturday, denying the rumor that he was the person who shot a man who tried to steal his jewelry. Walka says that the viral video of a man dead in Los Angeles was the victim of a robbery attempt by the man who he claims attempted to rob him earlier in the day.

The Texas rapper had revealed that he was nearly the victim of a robbery, on Friday. Walka says that he, however, was able to fight off the attacker.

In his new post, a video addressing the situation, Walka pays tribute to the victim, identified as Trevell Watson: “We PUTTIN HONOR BACK ON THIS FALLEN KING [man wearing a king’s crown emoji] #Tre’ a fellow soldier who like me fought for his life and belongings that day!!!. And stopping the REAL CLOUT CHASERS!! Young men around the world learn from this & again LIVE BETTER[!!] #RIPTrevellWatson the family is more then welcome to reach out to me if y’all need any help[!!] #TSFBidnezz[.]”

Walker had originally explained the situation in a video post on Friday morning, which confused some followers into thinking that Walka had shot and killed an attacker during a failed robbery attempt.

Check out Walka’s earlier post below.


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