Rams Keeping Locker Space Ready For Odell Beckham Jr.’s Return: Report


The Rams still have a locker with Odell Beckham Jr.’s nameplate on it at their training complex.

The Los Angeles Rams appear to be confident that they will be bringing back Odell Beckham Jr. at some point this year, as they are keeping his locker ready for his return. The Associated Press’ Greg Beacham noted the detail during reporters’ first visit to the team’s locker room on Sunday.

“TIL the Rams still have a full locker for Odell Beckham Jr in their training complex,” Beacham tweeted. “He has a nameplate and everything. We were just allowed in their locker room for the first time since the pandemic, and there it was.”

Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

Beckham is currently a free agent and is unable to take the field after suffering a torn ACL during the Super Bowl, last season. The Rams signed Allen Robinson II to help out their passing attack in his absence.

Beckham, who joined the Rams midway through the season last year, was productive down the stretch, hauling in 21 passes for 288 yards and two touchdowns in four playoff games. Depending on the 29-year-old’s recovery timeline, he could fill in for the Rams in a similar role later this season, and based on their locker room layout, it appears that they expect him to.

The Rams will begin their 2022 regular season against the Buffalo Bills on Thursday night at SoFi Stadium.


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