Perkio Reveals He’s Charging $10K Per Show


The Lil Durk lookalike is charging hefty bags for appearances, and some fans don’t buy it.

It’s been wild to see people become celebrities just for looking like rappers these days. Fake Drake became notorious on social media, and a Kodak Black doppelgänger was recently christened Kodak Crack online. However, Perkio is one of the most well-known non-celebrities in this category, with his clone Lil Durk even bringing him out on stage for his tour stop in Miami. That same notoriety has made his presence profitable.

Perkio took to Instagram to reveal that he’s now charging $10K per show and $5K per feature. “I can’t believe people thought I was $3-4k,” the master of disguise wrote. After DJ Akademiks posted about it to his page, many fans in the comments section were clowning on the notion of getting basically a fake Durk show or verse. 

Even though a lot of people might scoff at the idea, Perkio’s got a lot of eyes on him and is more involved with industry antics than the average lookalike. Apart from his music video and social media collaborations with Durk himself, Perkio even got involved in one of The Voice’s long-running beefs: 6ix9ine. The “GUMMO” rapper had a viral interaction with Perkio earlier this year where he made the Durk clone uncomfortable. The 7220 rapper laughed it off on Twitter, though, and most people have given his doppelgänger a lot of credit and love for his actions.

A lot of headlines have been clicked over this sort of beef, and Perkio recently took to Instagram to fend off the clout chasers. He says Durk gives him a lot of positive advice and, with these new feature and show prices, seems on track to continue hustling.

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