OJ Simpson Returns To Los Angeles To See The Bills: Watch


OJ went to the place he said he’d never return to.

OJ Simpson is a very controversial figure. Back in the 90s, he was acquitted of murdering his ex-wife and her new boyfriend. Over the years, many have maintained that Simpson was guilty, although he received the perfect defense from his lawyers. Up until a few years ago, Simpson was serving a jail sentence for theft, but he has since been released, and these days, he leads a pretty quiet life.

Simpson can be seen on social media talking about fantasy football and even politics on occasion. Having said that, Simpson decided to venture out on Thursday night as he made his way to Los Angeles to watch his former Bills take on the defending champion Rams.

Jason Bean-Pool/Getty Images

What was interesting about this outing is that OJ previously stated how he would never go back to Los Angeles due to the fact that he could one day wind up sitting next to the person who actually killed his former wife. It was a pretty wild statement at the time, but OJ has since changed his mind.

In the video clip below, you can see OJ in one of the luxury boxes at SoFi stadium. Simpson seemed to be having a great time, and we’re sure it was a nice outing for him given the fact that the Bills ended up winning by a score of 31-10.

OJ even took selfies with the fans, which just goes to show that Simpson is still popular, depending on who you ask.

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