Natalie Nunn & Maino Have Tense Moment At NYFW: “He Was Disrespectful”


She compared him to a “girl crying for some attention” and claims the rapper ruined the fashion show.

Things got a little tense at an event last night and it involved two people that you wouldn’t think would ever have a confrontation. New York Fashion Week is underway in the Big Apple, and everybody who’s anybody has infiltrated the city. Celebrities from around the world have shown off their luxury fits as they attend coveted runway shows or star-studded after parties. 

It was a packed crowd at an event last night that hosted Maino on the mic, but a brief clip shows an interaction that got a little heated between the rapper and Natalie Nunn.

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When it first surfaced, there wasn’t much context to the clip. It looked to be a crowded VIP area with Maino addressing the crowd, or at the very least the DJ, as he tried to get the music going. Nunn was standing right behind him as dozens of others were shoulder to shoulder. At one point, the reality star said something to Maino and he answered her on the mic by say, “Shut up!”

Nunn’s response couldn’t be heard over the crowd, but viewers could see others step in as they edged her out of the room. After The Neighborhood Talk shared the video, Nunn retuned to their comment section to set the record straight.

“THIS WAS MY EVENT ‘ZEUS NETWORK MYSELF AND THE BADDIES PLUS CHRISEAN AND BLUE’ this was our fashion show …. HE WAS DISRESPECTFUL ON THE MIC [microphone emoji] TALKING RECKLESS,” she wrote. “Basically looking like a bitter b!t!h mad! Who grabs the mic and first thing they say is ( I don’t care how much money zeus got f them) BABY IF U NEED A JOB JUST SAY THAT!”

She continued: “But what we not gonna do is disrespect females OR ME! LOOK AT THIS GUY CLOUT CHASIN I NEVER SEEN HIM ON NO BLOG BEFORE CLOUT CHASIN AT ITS FINEST YOU RUINED DANIELS FASHION SHOW! All because this female wanted some attention just like a girl crying for some attention!”

Check it out below.

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