Lil Baby Dodges Questions About Partying In Vegas Prior To Canceling Festival Appearance


Fans at Breakout Festival rioted after learning he pulled out at the last minute.

A canceled Lil Baby concert is the latest controversy for the rapper. We previously reported on a riot breaking out at Vancouver’s Breakout Festival after it was shared that the hitmaker canceled his appearance. For years, Baby has been taking over global stages, promoting his albums, and living the life of a star, so when he pulled out of the festival because he was under the weather, many understood.

“I would like to start off by saying I truly apologize Vancouver Canada, the Breakout Festival and to everyone who was in attendance!” Baby wrote.

He added: “I have been going so hard these past few months without any breaks that it finally caught up with me and my body completely shut down. I owe you guys big time and will for sure make up for it soon.”

It was unfortunate for those who purchased tickets specifically to see the rapper, but then, TMZ shared a video of Lil Baby partying in Las Vegas the night before. People began to speculate after the footage made its way online, and the outlet managed to track down the rapper while he was shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

The cameraperson did their best to address the controversy, but Baby dodged those inquiries at every turn. The paparazzo wanted to know if Baby had anything to say to fans who questioned his Sin City activities, but the rapper and his entourage only attempted to deflect by pointing out other people and activities on the street.

Check it out below.

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