Latto Claims Not To Know Man Who Says They Dated: “Get This Weirdo Page Deleted”


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The man denies he’s clout chasing and stands firm on the rapper being his ex-girlfriend.

Just one day after a man surfaced to apologize to Bobby Shmurda after lying about the rapper, another person has commanded social media attention. These days, just about anyone can create a firestorm online with accusations or stories of alleged interactions with celebrities. Following Shmurda receiving his apology from a social media user who joked about the “Hot N*gga” icon being gay, Latto is calling on someone to shut down a man who claims he was romantically involved with her.

“Say man, y’all already know it’s your boy,” a man named Ray James said in a video. “Y’all talkin’ ’bout I’m clout chasin’ and sh*t, y’all get off my d*ck.”

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“First of all, I been Instagram famous,” he continued. “I been going viral and sh*t before she even got famous, n*gga.” He claimed that he knew Latto back in the day when they were chatting on the Kik app, adding that the femcee is his ex-girlfriend. It’s unclear why he came forward with the revelation now, but Latto reshared his post with a message.

“Yalllllll please get this weirdo page deleted [crying emojis],” she wrote. “I [swear to god] I don’t know him!! Don’t add no extra bodies or exes on me!!!!!!!!!!!”

Latto has made it clear that she is happily in love with her mystery man who spoils her, and some believe that because she keeps her relationship under wraps, she’s made herself a target. Meanwhile, James also shared photos of him with Latto, adding that they would perform at the same shows when she was a teen.

Check it out below.

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