Kevin Durant Claps Back At Tweet That Wasn’t Even Criticizing Him


Just another day on Twitter.

Kevin Durant has been known to reply to people on Twitter, even when they aren’t exactly criticizing him. There have been times when the NBA star has misinterpreted people’s tweets, and today, that very scenario played out. As you will see down below, the Twitter user @dragonflyjonez made a solid point about how people view Giannis Antetokounmpo compared to how they see KD.

“Just curious why Giannis dominating the paint gets written off as “just using his physical advantage” while we never hear that for 7ft KD when he’s shooting clean over 6’7 defenders. I mean I know why…they think that midrange fadeaway game is *real* skill. But just asking,” they wrote.

Durant ended up taking this as a slight and replied with the hashtags #KDThis, #KDThat. In the original user’s tweet, he made it clear that this was not a Kevin Durant diss. Instead, it was simply a way to highlight that Giannis is a fantastic player and that some of the criticisms against him are completely and entirely unfair.

Either way, KD has been criticized a fair bit over the past few weeks, so it only makes sense that he would be a bit sensitive right now. Hopefully, he will be able to see that not everyone is out to get him. 

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