J Prince Slams “Dumb Mothaf*ckas” Who Are Upset With PnB Rock’s Girlfriend


J Prince isn’t happy that people are blaming PnB Rock’s girlfriend for his death.

J Prince called out the negative response to PnB Rock‘s girlfriend, who is receiving hate messages online in the wake of the rapper’s death. Prince labeled people who are putting the blame for the shooting on her, “dumb mothafuckas.”

“To all of you dumb mothafuckas blaming his girlfriend for his death, you’re wrong as 2 left shoes,” Prince captioned a photo of PnB Rock. “Here’s a woman that’s been traumatized by seeing her boyfriend killed in front of her and you dumb fucks are adding insult to injury with dumb shit that you dont know to be facts.”

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“As a man and leader you have to teach your girl what and what not to do- if you know,” he added.”

Prince went on to explain what he believes the real problem to be: “I believe the root of the problem is wearing jewelry without proper security. Until rappers and others come to the realization that if you put cheese in front of a rat without the trap, they will eat & run everytime.”

The shooting took place during an apparent robbery at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles on West Manchester Avenue while PnB Rock was dining with his girlfriend on Monday. As for why some fans are upset with PnB Rock’s girlfriend, they feel her posting the couple’s location on social media minutes before the shooting could’ve led to the robbery.

One prominent name who appeared to criticize PnB Rock’s partner was Kodak Black, who wrote on his Instagram Story, “That hoe might as well kill herself.”

Check out Prince’s statement on Instagram below.

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