Fivio Foreign’s Babymother Claims He’s A Sex Addict With STDs


The Brooklyn rapper’s babymom unleashed some scandalous accusations about the star.

Fivio Foreign’s babymother, Jasmine, is not letting up on the star. Just days after labeling him a deadbeat father, Jasmine is now accusing the “Say My Name” rapper of being a down-low, sex addict and having multiple women pregnant at the same time. In an Instagram Live video, the mother of Fivio’s child shared, “I went through his porn history, it was gay s****.”

Jasmine said of the “City of Gods” rapper, “Whoever’s pregnant by him, go get an abortion. ‘Cause y’all gonna suffer. I’m saying that because I think he got two b**** pregnant right now. He gets around, and he does not use a condom. Y’all gotta be careful. This man is like a sex addict.” She continued to expose the rapper, saying, “He will get burned, go to the clinic and come back like nothing happened.”

Jasmine’s claims comes days after she slammed Fivio for not being “a family man,” adding that he promised to give her $80,000 and didn’t deliver. She also says the rapper once pulled a gun on her in front of their children and his sister. “This man, while his sister is holding him back because he’s trying to hit me, takes out his gun– mind you, my kids are behind me crying.” Fivio initially responded to the allegations with a tweet, saying, “My baby momz [could] never beef with me she still living in my whole crib.”

 Shortly after, he released an official statement “Out of respect for the mother of my children, I am going to handle this issue privately. Never have I ever been accused of not taking care of my children and my responsibilities. As an artist, I travel for work to take care of my family. I love my kids and their mother and it’s unfortunate that she’s made her frustrations with a relationship that I have with Mellow [Rackz], public.”

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