FDA Advises Against Cooking Chicken In NyQuil, Twitter Reacts


According to some, marinating chicken in the popular medicine “helps with cold symptoms.”

Things are getting weird on TikTok.

Of the many social media platforms that exist, some of the most unhinged content comes from the platform formally known as Musical.ly, and this month, things seem to have reached a new peak.

@imbabytate#duet with @brittbarbie3 #periodahh♬ original sound – Brittbarbie3

First, we have the ongoing “Period ahh, Period uhh” challenge started by a user called @BrittBarbie3 in which several popular artists have freestyled along to a monotonous but catchy beat, and now, we have the FDA sending out warnings about the NyQuil-marinated chicken videos that have been going viral on the app.

On Tuesday (September 20), TMZ reported that, after coming across the content advising viewers to try out the cold and flu brew as a way to fight off any symptoms if they start to get sick this coming winter. 

This is a big no, according to the FDA as boiled medication becomes far more concentrated and powerful, even sometimes changing properties.

@mamasissiesays And this is why we aren’t nvited to the BBQ. The FDA is warning people not to season their chicken with Nyquil. 🥴 #ifounditontwitter#thingsifoundontwitter#satire#politicalhumor#funnytweets#greenscreen#greenscreenvideo♬ original sound – Casey

It’s been noted that even just smelling the NyQuil vapours can be dangerous, causing the drugs to enter the system and result in potential lung damage. Another problematic part of the internet trend is the large doses people are using (way above recommended), which can cause further issues.

Users immediately flocked to Twitter to crack jokes about the FDA’s warning, writing things like, “This is disgusting. If you are cooking your chicken in NyQuil, we need to talk. The move is [to] reduce your NyQuil into a glaze and drizzle it atop the chicken. Heathens,” and “I feel like people cooking chicken in NyQuil is the kind of problem that solves itself.”

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