DDG Charged With Gun Possession & Reckless Driving: Report


The 24-year old rapper could face a year for every charge if convicted

DDG has learned his fate after being arrested in June for allegedly driving recklessly in his Lamborghini. According to reports, the “Moonwalking In Calabasas” rapper has been hit with three misdemeanor charges, including carrying a loaded weapon, one count of carrying a concealed weapon, and one count of reckless driving. 

Over the Summer, DDG policed pulled the 24-year star over after observing him swerving and driving his car erratically. Before they searched the vehicle, DDG admitted to having a 9mm handgun inside the car. While the L.A. County District Attorney decided not to follow through with charges against the platinum selling rapper, the City Attorney opted to move forward with the misdemeanor charges. 

DDG and Halle Bailey at the 2022 BET Awards – Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Each firearm charge warrants up to one year in jail, while the reckless driving charge has a 90 day max penalty. No word on when DDG is slated to go to court. But in the meantime, he’s been busy supporting his girlfriend, Chloe Bailey as she gears up for her role in The Little Mermaid. After the trailer for the highly anticipated Disney film was releases last week, DDG’s thrilled reaction made its rounds on the Internet. “This is what you call amazing,” he shared on Youtube. “I be telling [Halle] all the time, she don’t even understand how great this is. This is incredible.”

But the gushing didn’t end there. The “Elon Musk” rapper continued on, “I teared up a little bit, not going to lie. She sounds so good, man. She just don’t understand how amazing she actually is. I be trying to tell her and she just be trying to be all humble and sh*t. Man, you better talk your sh*t.”

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