Chrissy Teigen Responds To Hate Comments About Her Abortion


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Several social media users have scolded Chrissy for her decision and claimed it was an attempt at relevancy.

Yesterday (September 16), Chrissy Teigen revealed that what she believed was a miscarriage in 2020 was actually an abortion. While delivering a speech at Propper Daley’s “A Day of Unreasonable Conversation” Summit, the mother of two broke the news to the audience. “Two years ago, when I was pregnant with Jack, John and my third child, I had to make a lot of difficult and heartbreaking decisions.” 

She continued by adding, “Let’s just call it what it was: It was an abortion. An abortion to save my life for a baby that had absolutely no chance. And to be honest, I never, ever put that together until, actually, a few months ago.” 

Since she made that revelation to the world, social media users have bombarded her with their opinions. The 36-year-old has been known to clap back at trolls online, and this time was no different. She shared screenshots of multiple trolls bashing her with her 13.1 million Twitter followers. Some of the comments made were along the lines of”Sorry you lost your child but stop milking that story,” and “Someone is trying to stay relevant I can see.”

After sharing the images, she wrote, “I knew this would happen, and honestly I’ve already seen you do your worst so if this makes you feel better, great. It doesn’t make me feel worse though.” She then added that she pulled the comments from Glamour’s Instagram page and described the words as “brutal.”

As of now, John has not spoken on the matter. Check out the hateful tweets below.

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