Chris Barnett Front Flips & Double Fists Beers From The Crowd After UFC 279 Win


Chris Barnett put on a show Saturday night in Las Vegas, taking beers from the crowd in celebration of his win over Jake Collier.

Chris Barnett came back from being dropped twice in Round 1 to defeat Jake Collier at UFC 279 on Saturday night in Las Vegas. Despite the slow start, which featured Barnett’s face being busted open, he won by TKO in the second round.

After the dramatic fight, Barnett gave an electric post-fight interview in the octagon, which featured him doing a front flip, before he took two beers from the crowd and double-fisted them on his way out of the arena.

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“Yo, they gonna say heavyweights, we don’t be out here throwin’, we don’t be out here doing it,” Barnett said as the crowd cheered him on. “Let me tell you right now, me, dudes like Jake, that’s what we do. That’s why we in this. We signed to the best organization in the world — UFC. That’s what we are. That’s what we do. We come out here for y’all and I love it.”

He added: “Thank you for the love and everything. This means the world to me. This means the world to me. I love y’all for real from the bottom of my heart, from the bottom of it. Thank you. We’re nothing without y’all. Nothing! Stand up for yourselves. Stand up for yourselves!”

With the performance, Barnett improves to 23-8 professionally and 2-2 in the UFC.

Check out Barnett’s celebration below.


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