Chadwick Boseman’s Uncle Missing In South Carolina: Update


The late actor’s uncle was found in a wooded area after gone missing for three days.

Chadwick Boseman’s uncle has been found, days after being reported missing in South Carolina. On Tuesday (Sept. 6), the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division reported on Facebook that they located the late star‘s Uncle Tony “on foot around half a mile away from his house.” Tony suffers from dementia and type 2 diabetes, was reported missing by relatives on Sunday. 

Officer Shale Remien shared in a statement that finding Tony Boseman was “ironic” because “we’ve searched miles. But it’s understandable because it’s a wood area, almost like a wooden ditch.” Remien added that the elderly man was “severely dehydrated. We’re hoping for the best, and that with some quick medical attention, he can get back on his feet.” Efforts to locate Uncle Tony included the use of “drones, horses even, with canines, with two choppers, including from SLED and [with] our own Air 1 chopper,” according to Officer Remien. 

Reports of Tony’s disappearances comes on the heels of his Black Panther star nephew receiving his first ever Emmy Award, posthumously, for his role in Marvel’s What If…? series. Boseman recording the voiceover for his animated character T’Challa before his untimely death in 2020. In 2021, Chadwick’s widow, Simone Ledward Boseman, accepted his posthumous Gotham Award on her late husband’s behalf with a tearful speech. [Chadwick was] Not merely telling a story or reading lines off a page, but modeling for us a path of true fulfillment, she shared. “May we not let his conviction be in vain. May our spirits be fertile soil for god’s wisdom to fall upon.”

Thankfully, Uncle Tony was found safe and sound. Well wishes to the Boseman family. 


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